Ayurvedic Facial

balance * heal * revitalize

This 90 minute treatment is customized to your needs and combines ancient wisdom and modern science to help you maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Each session begins by addressing your overall energy, vitality and well-being, as your skin is a key indicator of overall health. We will address both internal and external nourishment.  We will assess your specific skin concerns and together will review optimal skin health, targeted formulations, identification of toxic ingredients and nutrition.  

I utilize both ancient techniques such as marma therapy (ayurvedic energetic work) and modern practices such LED therapy to nourish your skin, stimulate collagen and restore radiance. Your unique treatment may also include Garshana, ayurvedic lymphatic drainage, or sonic facial rejuvenation with crystal tuning forks. The products used in your treatment are all certified organic and include ancient herbal preparations.

To promote continued vitality, your session includes personalized guidance for a skin-positive at-home regimen. I will provide you with your own unique morning and evening rituals that utilize holistic, time-tested and effective remedies. Your guidelines may integrate modalities such as yoga, holistic nutrition, meditation, and useful tips to care for your skin.  All recommended products are of the purest quality and sustainably sourced.

Healthy, beautiful skin comes from within

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