Yoga and Ayurvedic Retreat in Tenerife:
Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living


March 28th - April 4th, 2018


Tenerife, Spain
Mandala de Masca (view facilities here)




The Following is Included in Price of Retreat:
7 nights accommodation, airport transfer, all meals, 2 yoga classes per day, 5 Ayurvedic wellness workshops


Ayurvedic Wellness Workshops to Include:
Introduction to Ayurveda for self care
Dinacharya (daily routine) connecting with personal rituals
Identify toxic chemicals, endocrine and hormone disrupters on prodcut labels
Use plant extracts for stress relief, detoxification, and skin solutions
Dosha specific Pranayama practices

Activities Available but Not Included in Price of Retreat:
Ayurvedic Massage
Excursion - walk through Masca Gorge to sea + boat + taxi
Excursion - Mountain El Teide Vulcano (highest in Spain)




Our theme for this restorative yoga and Ayurvedic retreat in beautiful Tenerife is Ancient Wisdom for Modern Living. It’s an opportunity for people to decompress in a beautiful environment, practice slow flow and yin yoga and learn accessible ancient health rituals that can be integrated into daily life for radiant health. Come prepared for inner discovery as I help guide you through the practice of intentional nourishment. Together we will explore and create daily rituals to support living an Ayurvedic lifestyle. In Ayurveda this is called Dinacharya (daily routine) and we will work on how to infuse the little moments in every day to build up your reservoir of vitality and well being.

This retreat is open to all and the dates are March 28th-April 4th. I hope you can join us in this magical place where dramatic mountains meet charming seaside villages. Stick your feet in the sand and take a swim in the healing waters off the coast of Spain while enjoying daily slow flow, yin, meditation and pranayama practices. 

The goal of this retreat is for you to leave with an actionable routine that aligns with your current lifestyle, fosters new healthy habits, and launches you towards deeper self-nourishment. There will be plenty of free time and optional trips such as a walk through the Masca Gorge or an excursion to Mountain El Teide Volcano (highest in Spain) make this retreat welcoming to anyone interested in bringing mind-body balance into their lives.